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Our all new, updated, web site, for any man  wanting to get his foreskin back, fast.

Our exclusive, continuously variable tension GUARD-II, plus our GUARD Tension System, and our KwikSkin automated dynamic restoring systems, puts us way ahead of the curve in faster foreskin restoration technology.

Your source for the LATEST, most technologically advanced foreskin restoring systems.

Get it back faster with our products

Why wait years to grow foreskin?
You want it, you can have it!

Click through our no frills, no ads, no nonsense web site, and checkout our advanced technology, and see if we have something for you. 


There are no anatomical images at this site depicting how the devices attach. These methods are well understood, and to duplicate them would be making this site inaccessible to all without age verification. This brand new updated site is now open to all men of all ages, having an interest in foreskin restoration, and I invite you to check through the products here and perhaps find inspiration to decide to take your sex life to a new level with a foreskin.  

Right.... Michelangelo’s David was uncut. He was quite fortunate, and had no need for products like ours.

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GUARD-II Foreskin
Restoring System

This is our second generation development in fast foreskin restoration. The variable tension, one kit only, GUARD-II offers high gripping power, longer wear, easy rod changeover, and it's 100% KwiskSkin automation compatible.

with shipping

KwikSkin Automation

We bring twenty first century technology to foreskin restoration.

Connect your GUARD-II, or earlier GUARD kits, to any of our four KwikSkin Programmed Foreskin Restoration Systems, and experience fast results. By precisely stretching and relaxing shaft skin, skin grows faster and with a lot less work. Explore our line of KwikSkin Automated Systems and choose the one that's right for you.

$229.00 to $279.00 USD

GUARD Tension System

This system is the perfect alternative to straps and weights which just don't always cut it. Connect your GUARD II, or any older GUARD kit, to our GUARD Tension System and control extactly how you want to grow your foreskin. Inner and outer skin tugging is preciely controlled by you. Four tugging modes provide you with the choices of how you want to tug your skin for fastest results.
Use manually or connect to a KwikSKin, for really fast visible results.

$76.00 USD
with shipping 

Product Upgrades

All older GUARD kits and KwikSkin dynamic restoration systems are upgradeable to the lastest designs. Older KwikSkin dynamic restoring systems can be factory upgraded to run the newly expanded kOS 2.0 operating system that features expanded menu items and new torquing algorithms to grow your new foreskin that tug your skin just exactly the right way, and with no work from you. 

Package Deals

Save a few bucks by purchasing two or more of our products at the same time. This saves us time in manufacture and logistics, and we can pass the savings along to you. All our package deals now include shipping.

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