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My name is James, and this is my site. Since 1994 when I was introduced to foreskin restoration, I was captivated by the possibility of getting my foreskin back, and I have been researching and studying the subject ever since then. After several years of study and analyzing the current market, I now manufacture and offer what I call The GUARD restoring kit and the KwikSkin Programmable Foreskin Restoration Systems.

My goal in offering these systems, is to give men restoring options that might enable them to restore more quickly than they would using currently available devices and methods. Foreskin restoration is a very personal, serious, and tedious undertaking for men who decide to improve their sex lives by gaining back what was taken away from them at birth without their consent. So, I offer here what I beleive to be the best foreskin restoration devices anywhere, and my purpose is to help men achieve their goals faster with my professionally engineered line of sensible systems designed for that purpose.

Foreskin restoring is a monumental commitment and cannot be undertaken on a whim. Any man who decides to regrow his foreskin must be absolutely dedicated to the mission, and stick with it for as long as is needed, or until he has enough foreskin that gives him the sexual pleasures he was born to enjoy. A halfhearted approach to restoring is a waste of time. 

 I have talked with men who have been restoring, and I personally have used various methods of restoring, some with progress and others with less than optimal progress, and still some with no progress. The most discouraging aspect, that many men appear to share in common, is the process is excruciatingly slow, and indeed it can even get quite frustrating when progress appears to slow down, and even comes to a halt.

I personally have used the DTR, (a very popular restoring device) and I believe it's one of the better systems, as it gets to the heart of what it takes to restore--a fair amount of tension over time. Other restoration systems and methods, although fair to good, apply little to mild tension but, my research indicates not nearly enough. Most of them keep the foreskin in various states of minimal traction, but at the cost of time. Even using the DTR, my own progress slowed to nothing, and no matter how long I wore the DTR nothing more happened. 

Then, through collaboration with another man, whom I had introduced to foreskin restoration, told me he restored his foreskin to full glans coverage, (no overhang yet) in less than a year. His secret was using extreme manual tension for about an hour a day, plus using a homemade device and hanging heavy weights on his device. He was addicted to the job. This led me to looking into improvements to my own designs, and eventually that led to the development of variable tension devices, that are capable of infinite ranges of tensions from very low to extremely high. Judicious and dedicated applications of high tension appears to speed up the restoration process that have led to my offered designs at this site. 

Please Note: The application of extreme tension must be done at your own risk, and with the understanding that results are never guaranteed. When working with the body, nothing is guaranteed. The products offered at this website, when connected to the penis, are capable of producing very high shaft skin tensions, and the user is warned to use caution when applying extreme tensions to the penis. Some major discomfort can result from the application of extreme tensions, if left in place for excessively long periods, and the user takes full responsibility for the use of all products offered at this site. The penis is capable of withstanding high tensions, and it won't break, but extreme diligence must be used as to not overdo it.

History: Here is a bit about my own restoring history, dating back to 1994. I bought one of the pioneer commercially available foreskin restoring devices in August 1994. It was called "Sensitip," The price tag was $39.95, and it took 6 weeks for delivery. It was a completely useless product, but came with an impressive 10-page manual. This product, with perhaps no more than a dime in materials, and maybe 5 minutes of labor, sold for $39.95! I heard about it on the nationally syndicated Dr. Dean Edell radio show in 1994. Dr. Edell was not commercializing the device, rather he made mention of it as a method to restore the male foreskin. Doctor Edell usually had good information, and there was no reason to not believe him. I trusted his medical insight, and ordered one. Nevertheless, compared to all the devices available now, this thing was absolutely less than worthless. But, all great inventions must start somewhere, and this one started below the bottom, and it came with an outrageously inflated selling price. After I applied it, I knew it was an abject failure, and it would not be possible to grow even one micro inch of new skin using two flimsy ribbon strips of cloth with two Velcro dots and two Velcro strips sewn to it---connected in the middle with another ribbon strip. I think basically it was simply a spin-off version of the taping method using a non-tape device. 

So, I immediately took to the task of redesigning the product, but staying with the concept, since I didn't think to go beyond the accumulated knowledge of the time---that foreskin may be restored simply by holding what foreskin, one can muster up, over the glans. My designs then, were simply heavier duty versions of the original Sensitip, and of course returned absolutely no results, even after wearing these things for weeks. Mine were made out of rubber, with good sized Velcro pads for securing the thing in place.  

For many years I had failure after failure, because I was not aware that the concept of skin growth was wrong. None of my devices put the skin under adequate tensions, By only bringing the skin over the glans and holding it there, may work if the person is very young, and/or if you have the patience and many years to wait for results. However, as one ages, skin is less apt to grow at any significant rate to visibly produce results in the form of a foreskin. Viola, enter high tension tugging! 

I have experimented with several systems; watched what other men were doing, and I either tried my versions of devices or emulated some of those on the market. Nevertheless, my conclusion is that high tension appears to greatly speed up the restoration process and, therefore, the offerings here are my renditions of what I believe will do the job faster. Rather than just placing the skin under low to minimal tension for extended periods my systems have the capability to put your foreskin under incredible tensions. Or, as the old saying goes, "No pain no gain." 

My credentials: I am a degreed electronic engineer, with over five decades of hardcore engineering experience. I have designed things from heavy military electronic sonar surveillance systems, to apnea breathing monitors, to bone densitometers, to advanced military ordinance devices testing systems, and many dozens of other specialized electronic systems. I also have designed several mechanical systems, although my degree does not extend into that discipline, I have the ability to do it. I have held postions in industy as, Applications Engineer, Senior Design Engineer and Senior Product Development Engineer, etc. My knowledge and experience spans many decades of hardcore engineering and programming in various languages. I have owned design, manufacturing and retail sales businesses, and I am well versed in manufacturing processes and assembly methods, as well as testing, programming, sales, etc. My decades of professional experience assure you of quality devices offered at this web site. You would never want to connect anything to your most valued possession, that was designed and built by an amateur and rushed to market without extensive testing. 

Winding down here: Please bear in mind that even today foreskin restoration is still somewhat in its infancy, with its many myths and methods, is still yet evolving. Myriads of myths, feelings, opinions, emotions, and regurgitations of what others think, feel or say, still surround and abound within the movement, and like all things new, it starts off with limited, yet skeptical views. Each contribution to the field, however, needs to be explored, and then either accepted or debunked, but whichever way may be accepted, when it comes to the human body no one thing is perfect for everyone. What works great for one person, may have little or no effect upon another person. Compare that statement to the myriads of supplements on the market--we have a choice (for a while yet), and each person must carefully experiment and finally choose what benefits that person the most and then stick with it. We do, however, make informed choices from the studies and current information available. So it is with foreskin restoring. It is a personal choice which devices or methods to choose. Then it is a matter of choosing the method and device and sticking with what appears to work best. 

My offerings at this site incorporate into my GUARD Kits, and my line of KwikSkin programmed units, what I believe to be based on the most effective up-to-date foreskin restoring principles, thus permitting any man to tailor his configuration to his personal needs as he wants. He can adjust the tension settings for comfort and desired skin development.

GUARD and Kwikskin are the results of many hundreds of hours (probably more like many thousands) of engineering, testing, prototyping, refining, trying, lining up testers, etc. The devices may look quite simple, but what is behind the simple outward appearance, is literally years of dedicated engineering and testing.

I wish every man reading this a successful journey into the world of foreskin restoration.

Thanks for reading,