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The Combo

Combo is the all-in-one programmed dynamic restoring system,
with integrated display and mechanics in a single enclosure.
Combo runs the expanded operating system
providing virtually unlimited restoring options.
Control is via four buttons on the top of the enclosure.
Combo Specifications:
Enclosure Size 3.75 W x 2.375 H x 1.25 D
Buttons on the top.
On/Off by battery engagement.
Weight: 6.7 oz

$229.00 USD

Connect your GUARD to Combo and watch it happen.

Professionally engineered just for you!

The Combo, functionally, is an exact duplicate of the Cube-Supreme. Mechanically; however, the motor, display, and battery are enclosed within a single housing. The advantage to this system is a single package does everything, thus lowering the cost. Control is via four pushbuttons located on the top of the enclosure. Intuitive menu prompts tell the user what buttons to set the operating conditions. The learning curve is short, and any man should be up and running in a very short time after going through the manual.

The Combo control/display box contains a vastly expanded operating system, over the Cube-Lite unit, that continually feeds back distance, torque, overstretch, and over-torque values. Combo runs with a library of Growth Algorithm Profiles or GAPs, meaning the user has a virtually infinite selection of skin stretching options that establish the stretching profile.

The built-in display constantly feeds back everything that is going with your tugging session. You can see at a glance where in the cycle the program is, and at the end of the up-delay operation you get a three second sreen that reports how much torque was added and how much your skin stretched, as well as total stretch. Stretch measurement accuracy is to .001 inches (one thousandth of one inch). 

Fundamentally, Combo runs the GUARD up in tension to the user determined torque or distance trigger point, and then stops for an up end user selected time and then moves the GUARD down for a down end user selected time and repeats the cycle over and over. Independent end delays times are settable between 0 seconds to no practical upper limit, in 10 second increments. Also, buried within the operational cycle are menu selected features that tailor your tugging session exactly the way you want it. These features subtly apply torque/distance tweaking variants to the cycle profile, thus creating gentle overstretch of shaft skin that you cannot achieve with any static restoring device or by using manual hand methods. 

By connecting the Combo unit to a GUARD, and setting in the dynamic profiling parameters, Combo takes over and runs your GUARD smoothly; gently and without any worry from you. Your skin will slowly stretch to your maximum tension or distance setting, then relax to your minimum tension setting, and then slowly stretch, again to your up distance/torque profile parameter, which adds distances as small as .001 inch, to overstretch the inner skin. The cycles are repeated over and over again, while delaying between cycles precisely for the amount of time you set in at each cycle limit.

Combo's exclusive torque sensing system is extremely smart, and it knows exactly how to overstretch your skin on each cycle. It never makes a mistake. Precise rapid sample, shaft torque measurements are the secret behind what makes all KwikSkin models work so effectively. Skin has a unique way of giving under tension, and all KwikSkin models measure that "give" and adjust the over torquing. Plus, Combo feeds back data on exactly how much your skin is stretching on each cycle, so you always know what is going on with your progress. Note, however, stretch is not growth, but overtime repetitive stretching results in faster growth.

For faster growth and precise stretch measurements, Combo works best with the GUARD Maxi-Tug Gripper ring, which we highly recommend, to obtain the fastest skin growth. The Maxi-Tug gripper ring is standard on all GUARD Kits.

For faster results, when using the Maxi-Tug gripper ring, Combo has a very intelligent automatic tugging algorithm that is relentless at keeping your shaft skin at exactly the right tension. It measures stretch on each cycle and then it calculates how much to over-torque on the next cycle, to hold that just right tension. We beleive there is no faster way to uncircumcise than using the Maxi-Tug gripper ring, while connected to our KwikSkin units operating in the automatic over-torquing mode. 

The powerful Li-ion battery assures of adequate power to complete several sessions. You will never run out of power. Plus you get two batteries, so you are never down, as you will always have a charged up spare to snap in. 

Combo is not a toy, but a highly tested and professionally engineered versatile product, that promises to take men to new plateaus in foreskin restoring.

Run Combo in the programmable GAP mode, the automatic overstretch mode, or the manual mode, but whatever mode you run it, it will stretch and relax your skin exactly your way. 

As with the entre line of KwikSkin powered units, Combo is the result of over 5 years of dedicated precision engineering and testing; ensuring everything is just right. You can't just connect anything to your most precious possession, and hope for the best. Many dozens of prototypes; years of testing and many thousands of dollars in investment has resulted in the KwikSkin line of restoring products. Now you can enjoy a foreskin faster and easier, minus the long wait typical of low tension static restoring methods or products on the market. 

This video shows how a KwikSkin Combo quickly and easily attaches to a GUARD Sophomore, and how the buttons control the action.(Other KwikSkin models attach the same fast easy way)

Of course we assume that your GUARD is conneted to your equipment first. We just don't have a reason show that part, but you get the idea.

This video shows how a Combo is started for a session.  

Of course we assume that your GUARD is conneted to your equipment first. We just don't have a reason show that part, but you get the idea.

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Priced at $229.00 USD