The Cube-Lite

Cube-Lite is our budget priced model.
It runs the basic restoring algorithm
and comes with two Li-ion rechargeable batteries,
universal power charger, and a comprehensive user manual.
Cube-Lite is the ideal system for men on lite budgets,
yet want to get the job done.
Cube-Lite Specifications:
Size 2.0 W x 1.6 H x 2.25 D
Buttons on the front.
Separate On/Off button
Weight: 5.2 oz with battery
Battery: Li-Ion Rechargable
$159.00 USD

Connect GUARD to a Cube-Lite, and watch it happen.

Cube-Lite is a stand alone system that uses a tricolor LED as a mode indicator. Cube-Lite runs the default growth algorithm profile, (GAP) meaning it runs the GUARD up in tension to the user determined torque trigger point, and stops for a user selected time, and then moves the GUARD down for a user selected time, and repeats the cycle over and over.

Although it has limited operating features, it is the perfect starting system for men on tight budgets. And, what is cool about Cube-Lite, is it can be easily upgraded to a Cube-Supreme  with greatly expanded capabilities; incorporating a wireless display.

By connecting the KwikSkin  Cube-Lite  unit to your GUARD, and setting the dynamic torque and travel distance parameters, Cube-Lite  takes over and runs your GUARD smoothly, gently and without any worries from you. Your skin will slowly stretch to your maximum tension setting, relax to your minimum tension setting, and then slowly stretch, over and over again, while delaying between cycles precisely for the amount of time you select for the end delays. Nothing was overlooked in Cube-Lite's  design. Many hundreds of test hours, extensive design reviews and hundreds of design tweaks, plus the construction of dozens of prototypes has resulted in Cube-Lite. 

Control is via an integrated 4-push button array on Cube-Lite's front face. The Tri-color LED feeds back color coded information that tells the user what buttons to push to set the parameters and run the system. The learning curve is short, and any man should be up and running in a few minutes after going through the manual.

Cube-Lite's exclusive torque sensing system is very smart and extremely precise. The software driving the motor knows exactly how to overstretch your skin on each cycle to the precise twisting torque limit. Precision instantaneous shaft torque measurements are the secret behind Cube-Lite's unique torque driving system and why all KwikSkin models work so effectively. Skin has a unique way of giving way under tension, and all KwikSkin models measure that "give" and adjust the over torquing algorithm accordingly.

Cube-Lite is not a toy, but a rigorously tested and professionally engineered product, that promises to bring men a whole new dimension in foreskin restoring.

Run Cube-Lite in automatic mode or manual mode, but whatever way you run it, it will stretch and relax your skin your way. 

The powerful Li-ion battery assures of adequate power to complete even your longest sessions. Plus, you get two batteries, so you are never down, as you will always have a charged up spare to snap in. The universal charger works anywhere in the world, so take any model KwikSkin anywhere and be assured you will always have power. Cube-Lite runs for several hours on a single charge, and one charge is good for many sessions. 

Cube-Lite is a product of over 5 years of dedicated precision engineering and testing; ensuring everything is just right. You can't just connect anything to your most valued possession, and hope for the best. Many dozens of prototypes; years of testing and many thousands of dollars have resulted in Cube-Lite. Now you can enjoy uncircumcising faster and easier, minus the long wait typical of other restoring methods or products on the market. 

Order Cube-Lite

Priced at $159.00 USD