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All products at this website are USA  made, skillfully and by hand, one at a time.
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Foreskin Restoring

GUARD Foreskin Restoring Kits
Three Kits to Choose From

The restoring devices that adapt as you grow.

Pictured above are the primary parts that comprise our GUARD kits. We have taken those parts and put them into three affordable kits.

No two men are exactly alike, so you choose the kit from our selection that best suits your needs.  

All GUARD kits have our proprietary variable tension setting system plus our exclusive Maxi-tug gripper system, so your restoration efforts will go easier and faster. Because you set the tugging tension precisely as you want it, your restoration progresses at your rate and comfort level. Easy, effortless, continuously variable tension settings range from nothing to extremely high, with minimal to zero slippage.

Wear GUARD comfortably under clothing and even change tension discretely while wearing. You choose the kit, and then use the gripping configuration that works best for your anatomy. Then let GUARD do the rest.

One configuration is not necessarily right all the time for all men, so the GUARD selection of kits lets you assemble the parts to fit your personal anatomy, and your budget.

Three kits priced at $59.00, $89.00 and $109.00 USD

Foreskin Restoring

The KwikSkin Line of Programmed Foreskin Restoration Systems

Connects to any GUARD restoring kit.
Programmed Restoration Your Way.
KwikSkin Takes Foreskin Restoration into the World of Programmed Technology

By connecting a GUARD to any one of our three KwikSkin models, GUARD becomes your automated servant--ready to assist you in achieving your uncircumcising goals. KwikSkin precisely runs GUARD, using software algorithms that gently stretch and relax your growing foreskin, thereby, decreasing growth time. It's all done, without any effort from you, while you sleep; watching TV; doing the dishes; walking around the house, or during other independent activities, (no you can't play football or tennis while attached to a KwilSkin). You don't do anything. KwikSkin's proprietary growth torquing algorithms figure it all out, and they tell the motor exactly what to do.

KwikSkin puts foreskin growth in your hands, as you have access to virtually infinite combinations of parameters that allow you to program your restoration exactly your way (Cube-Supreme and Combo models).

KwikSkin is available in three models: The Cube-LiteThe Cube-Supreme (with remote display and greatly expanded functions), and The Combo, the model that combines the display and the motor into a single enclosure. Choose the model that suits your needs and budget. 

All KwikSkin models work seamlessly with any GUARD kit. 

Click below to learn more about the KwikSkin line of programmed restoration units for the GUARD.

Three models shown, left to right, priced at $159.00, $279.00 and $229.00 USD