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 The GUARD Junior

This is the restoring system for men who want to go with aggressive tugging. With the Junior kit you get GUARD's exclusive Maxi-Tug Gripper kit, that lets you apply super high tensions without the annoying slippage problem. This means real skin stretch, and you will know it each time you end a session with Junior. And, since your skin will be growing fast, included in this kit is a 7.5 rod, which will be great to have when that overhang starts to grow. With short burst, very high tension sessions, you will appreciate the 11mm wall padded pusher, that is designed to minimize if not eliminate discomforts that may arise from using  the 5mm wall pusher. 

You get an additional outer silicone gripper that is used to tailor a specific gripping system that works best for you, with minimum discomfort at your tension levels. You are not restricted to only one way to tug. You pick the gripper method you want for your session(s).

Plus, in Junior, you get GUARD's exclusive gripper plate that lets you set the gripping power of the silicone grippers. This gripping feature is very unique in that you can control the force exerted by the gripper plate against the silicone gripper top surface. The greater the force the more tension you can apply with minimal slippage. This is an engineered feature that no other restoring system has, and with it you adjust your sessions exactly how you want them, and to your comfort. 

Junior does not have to be used in the high tension mode. As seen in the video, it is configurable in many modes and may be used with any tension from nothing to very high.  Junior is a universal system that performs all the restoring functions, except for outer skin tugging.

A recommended aspect, for all restoring men, is the retaining feature. Retaining means keeping the glans covered when not tugging, and this means all the time. But, this gets inconvenient during potty breaks, as some retaining systems are not potty break friendly. GUARD Junior's retaining collar is potty break friendly, without leaks and dribbles, and it is so comfortable you won't know you are even wearing it. The retaining configuration uses the dome housing, the outer silicone gripper and the special retaining collar; all included in the Junior. 

Junior integrates seamlessly with any of our KwikSkin Dynamic Foreskin Restoration Systems. All KwikSkins work with the Junior, and when used with the Maxi-Tug Gripper, you will be pleasantly surprised by the fast results.

Junior is priced at $89.00 + shipping