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The KwikSkin Line
Programmable Dynamic 
Foreskin Restoration Systems

Professionally and sensibly engineered just for you!


Our Lowest Priced Economy Dynamic Restorer

A low cost stand-alone basic dynamic restorer, that functions in the Torque OverTug (TOT) mode using the Default Growth Algorithm, plus it runs in the Manual mode.

USA orders only
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A Cube and a Remote Display

A Cube with a wireless remote display running a selection of user Growth Algorithm Profiles that control restoring sessions to your specifications. 

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(in stock for immediate shipment)


A complete Self-contained Dynamic Restoring System

A combination of a display and motor in a single package. Runs same powerful software as Cube-Supreme. Buttons on the top.
USA orders only
(in stock for immediate shipment)

What's a KwikSkin?

The Programmable Dynamic Foreskin Restoring System.

Our KwikSkin dynamic programmable systems represent a historic advancement in the field of foreskin restoration. Previously, foreskin restoration has been accomplished with various types of static devices, or taping systems, attached to the penis--the object being to apply low to medium forces on the shaft skin. This force, or tension, over years (actually many many years), results in skin growth that eventually acts and feels like a foreskin, and provides a striking degree of increased sexual pleasure. Low tension static devices are fine; however, they are excruciatingly slow and must be worn for many hours a day, if not continually all day.

Manually applied stretching methods (Hands-On Procedure*) to the shaft skin have been shown to be quite effective, and the results can be impressive; however, relentless manual tugging on your shaft skin is tiring, and very few men go that way. Programmed dynamic restoration on the other hand, not only emulates, but using precise calculations, that determine the skin stretching profile, can methodically surpass the manual tugging method. This is the fundamental theory and rationale behind KwikSkin. See Principles

Our line of KwikSkin programmable restoration systems, emulates manual hand tugging methods, however, it's done precisely, and in a specific manner which results in just the right amount of tugging on the shaft skin. KwikSkin does, using precise stretching algorithms, what you could do manually, if you were able to do it. When KwikSkin is connected to a GUARD system having our exclusive Maxi-Tug gripper, your restorations may happen so fast you will be amazed at the pleasures your new foreskin can provide. 

KwikSkins are professionally engineered electromechanical devices employing a powerful, microprocessor controlled motor that effortlessly moves the GUARD rod collar up and down the rod shaft, thus gently stretching and relaxing the shaft skin. The motor constantly feeds back shaft torque data every 3.6 degrees of rotation, and does that about every seven thousandths of a second. That rapid sampling rate insures when the torque is reached, that the motor stops precisely at the right time without any overshoot that might cause undue discomfort. Beside feeding back torque information, the software constantly measures the distance the collar moves on the rod, as part of it's distance measuring mission is to measure skin stretch, and it does that to within .001 inch (one one-thousandth of one inch). KwikSkins are a precision engineered product, and are the result of years of design, building and the field testing of many prototypes, until we got it right.

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* Bigelow, Jim, The Joy of Uncircumcising, 2nd edition, Kearney, NE, 2002, pg 183