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Due to shipping reguations, please do not order if you reside outside the United States.

Very Simple Warranty

All products include a one year parts warranty and will be either replaced or repaired if the malfunction is a manufacturing defect. Items damaged by misuse, or due to normal wear and tear, will be repaired for a nominal fee, and that fee will be agreed to before the item is returned for repair. There will be no charge, not even for shipping, for any warranty claims.

Ordering Terms and Conditions

The term "you" or "your", referenced within these Terms and Conditions, means you the purchaser, or you the user, or you as an end user, or you as anyone who may be designated as any other person, or persons, who may subsequently use any product(s) referenced at, or purchased through this web site.

Due to the relatively low turnover, of the products offered at this web site, no inventory, or very minimal inventory, is stocked. All items are hand manufactured as orders are received. Your order may take up to three weeks before delivery if you have ordered a KwikSkin Product. If your order is for a GUARD, shipping should be much faster as manufacturing times are much shorter.

Also, due to the personal nature of the product and its usage, there are no returns. Your products are shipped, in an unmarked box, with a sealed package(s) inside stating the terms of acceptance regarding the package. You may return any unopened package for a full refund less shipping. If you break the package seal, then there are no returns.

No item(s) offered at this site carry any guarantee as to suitability for any purpose, whatsoever, and there are absolutely no guarantees as to results obtained should you decide to use the products selected from this site in whatever manner you choose. Absolutely nothing at this web site carries any representations, for suitability, usage, results, and all products and use is absolutely at your discretion

You shall have absolutely no recourse back to the owner(s), creator(s), seller(s), distributor(s), or manufacturer(s) of any or all products appearing on this web site and the owner(s), manufacturer(s), creator(s), seller(s), or distributor(s) shall accept no responsibility, make no warranties (expressed or implied), and will not be held liable for the safety or the efficacy of any products offered at this site regardless of the nature, or whether any product is used in accordance with the intended function or not. You are 100% responsible for every aspect of the product use.

You are advised to consult with a licensed physician before proceeding with foreskin restoration.

You are also advised that the products at this site are not medical devices, and as such carry no claims as to any fitness for diagnosing, curing, abating or mitigating any medical condition, and that the items at this site are sold as adult novelty items only.

Due to continuing improvements, the actual product may differ slightly from the product(s) described at this web site, and the manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to this product at any time, and is under no obligation to inform any current purchaser or users of those changes. 

In the event that the shipping address provided by you proves to be an undeliverable or insufficient address, and no attempt at contact has been made by the buyer prior to the return to sender, the purchase price will be refunded when the package returns, minus a 25% restocking fee.

By placing an order for any product at this site, you agree to each and every term stated above.

All items are shipped USPS Priority mail or USPS Frist Class. 

Only USA orders are accepted, due to shipping regulations regarding lithium-ion batteries and the nature of the product.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order within 24 hours of placement, since this shopping cart is non-automated.