KwikSkin Principles

How KwikSkin works



The Theory

KwikSkin theory is that by applying high-tension to skin for short periods and then relaxing the skin that, physiologically, the process results in faster skin growth than long term applied low tensions traditionally available with virtually all foreskin restoration devices now in common use, that when used on a regular basis may take several years to develop any worthwhile foreskin.

This theory is in accordance with actual observed results in men using manual tugging methods as described in the book by Jim Bigelow, Ph.D, The Joy of Uncircumcising, p 183, wherein, he describes what he calls the "Hands-On" procedure. This method, when methodically applied morning and evening, for 5 minutes, resulted in glans coverage in three years. These cases are unique, however, the method used by KwikSkin is in accordance also, with well known theories, on how skin grows over time when tension is applied and released. This author also personally knows a younger man who every day applied the basic premise behind KwikSkin, and he grew a useable foreskin in a year. (images by permission)

Of course, as with any devices, drugs, foods, or supplements when applied to, or ingested by humans, results vary dramatically from individual to individual, as no two people are exactly the same, and no one product is the ideal product that will work for everyone in every case in exactly the same way. However, the ideal foreskin growth method may possibly be combining the KwikSkin intermittent high-tension torquing system with long-term, low to medium applied tensions using the GUARD separately, or in conjunction with any of the various lower tensioning restoring devices currently offered in the restoring marketplace.

How KwikSkin Mechanically Works

KwikSkin, using a microchip-processor controlled motor, precision controls your GUARD, in a manner that you could if you had the patience and skills to do so manually. If you could do it manually, the cycle would be such that you turn the screw rod of the GUARD clockwise, increasing the up tension on your penis shaft skin, and the more tension you apply the greater the twisting force (torque) needed to twist the rod. At some point, you determine that the tension is high enough, and you stop twisting and you record the exact twisting force at the stop point (if you could that is). Then sometime later, you twist the rod the other direction stopping at some precise distance, thereby, releasing some of the tension. Then you allow an exact amount of time with minimal applied tension, and you crank the tension back up to the exact point where it was on the last cycle, which is not necessarily the point of discomfort, but rather is the exact twisting torque point that you recorded on the previous cycle. KwikSkin does the same thing, but it very accurately measures the up twisting force, (torque) and records it as a unitless value. Then it stops twisting and waits for an exact preselected time while the high-tension remains applied to your penis. Then after the wait period, it unwinds and relaxes the tension by moving the rod collar a precise distance down. Then after a preselected recovery period, KwikSkin advances the motor in the up direction and applies exactly the same tension as applied in the previous cycle, at which time the entire cyclic process is repeated over and over until stopped. Each four individual up/delay/down/delay operations is called a cycle, and the repetition of multiple cycles is called a session, 

The Working Principle

Now, here is how KwikSkin does the job. With an up torque point set, KwikSkin reliably returns to that same set torque from cycle to cycle, allowing for measurement delays. However, as KwikSkin stretches and relaxes the shaft skin, the skin is loosening and stretching a small amount on each cycle. Do not, however, confuse the term skin stretching with skin growth. Although there may be undetectable actual skin growth, there is detectable skin stretching, and that stretching is measured at the end of each up travel, and is reported as “Gain.” Eventually, multiple stretching sessions, translate into perceptible skin growth, and the user will notice at the end of each KwikSkin session, that the shaft skin appears and feels looser, and eventually the appearance and feel will take on the form of a foreskin forming over the glans. Naturally, most of the stretch is temporary and it will recede, but not all of it. That remaining miniscule amount, that does not shrink back, is growth. That is what you want, and that is what you want to keep cultivating by persistent and dedicated use of KwikSkin. Then over time, you will feel something quite different in the way your equipment responds to sexual stimulation. You will have grown some worthwhile foreskin.

The Growth Algorithms (Cube-Supreme and Combo models only)

To enhance the rate at which the growth process occurs, KwikSkin software has built-in Growth Algorithm Profile modules, or GAPs. By invoking a GAP, KwikSkin subtly, and under your control, modifies the rate at which skin stretching occurs. The GAP modules provide the user with a virtually infinite combination of settings that controls the stretching process.  GAP's are 100% programmable to your liking, and can even be changed on the fly. These algorithms gently apply increasing tension to the shaft skin, that slowly but aggressively stretches the skin.

KwikSkin also has a selectable extremely smart skin stretching algorithm that predicts precisely how much additional tension to apply. if any. The algorithm is based upon skin stretching distances accumulated from past cycles.  This feature works only when KwikSkin is connected to a GUARD using the GUARD Maxi-Tug Gripper ring. It works with all GUARD models including the Sophomore.