Material Safety
Why we use ABS and PVC plastics.

Things you might like to know about what contacts your body.
And, why our prices are so attractive. 

With the exception of the PVC pusher rods, GUARD parts, and the KwikSkin enclosures, are made from ABS plastic, a non toxic material with the chemical name of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. The name alone would make you cringe, however, it is a very stable resin that doesn't leach toxic chemicals under normal, everyday use. It’s in the same category with other plastics like acrylonitrile styrene (AS) or styrene acrylonitrile (SAN) which are used in Brita pitchers and many mixing bowls, dishes, cups and cutlery. AS/SAN and ABS are higher quality plastics with increased strength, rigidity, toughness and temperature and chemical resistance. And, since Legos are made from it, you know it has passed every stringent toxicity test imaginable. So, when you hook up to your GUARD, you know you are safe from any leaching of the materials into you.

ABS plastic is a great material to make things from, like the GUARD, and KwikSkin parts. ABS is 3D printable, thus the manufacturing costs are considerably lower than from materials that are hand made on a lathe or on CNC machines. Because of this, GUARD and KwikSkins have very attractive pricing, in part due to the ability of ABS to be 3D printed, and that saves many thousands of dollars in mold development costs, to say nothing of the tremendously high price per piece if purchased in low production quantities. If the parts for GUARD were made on a lathe by hand, or CNC machined, the price would be virtually prohibitive since there are 15 individual 3D printed piece parts in one Senior GUARD kit. Typical CNC machining costs for plastic parts is about $6.00 to $15.00 per part in quantities of 25, so multiply those costs out, then add in profit and a Senior would cost around $250 to over $300. There is also an assortment of complex 3D printed pieces in each KwikSkin model. If these parts were not 3D printed, the development costs for plastic molded parts would be astronomical for GUARD and KwikSkin, and the selling price would be prohibitive--meaning they would never get to market, and men would still be waiting a lifetime to grow their foreskins. 

The PVC threaded pusher rods are the same material water pipes are made from. PVC was chosen over nylon because of its strength, and the rods bend very little under the high tensions achievable with the GUARD. Since the rods never touch your body, you are safe, however, PVC is a very safe plastic regardless if it contacts your body or not. It is used to make some medical devices, including intravenous (IV) bags, blood bags, blood and respiratory tubing, feeding tubes, catheters, parts of dialysis devices, and heart bypass tubing when combined with phthalate, a chemical which makes the PVC soft and pliable.

Common items made from ABS plastic are:

Toys (such as Legos)

Kitchenware/appliance casings


Cosmetic packaging

Panels for refrigerators

3D printers use ABS

Telephone, cell phone, TV, computer and gaming console casings

Musical instrument and equipment cases


Golf clubs

Car parts

Vacuum cleaners

Protective head gear


Storage bins

The silicone grippers are either molded from medical grade, BPA and PVC free, silicone or are food grade silicone and are completely non-toxic. They are soft, super durable and easy to clean using any kind of soap.