The GUARD Senior

This is our top of the line restoring system for men who want it all. The Senior kit replicates everything in the Junior GUARD, plus you get the universal strap kit, that lets you tug on the outer skin while applying tension to the inner skin. There are dozens of ways to use the strap kit, and the limits are bound only by your imagination.

Rods and pushers are interchangeable and the photo shows two pusher configurations. You swap rods and pushers as desired. 

The tugging cap attaches quickly to the retaining housing, and the strap clamp screws into the tugging cap, for tugging while retaining. To tug while doing inner skin tugging, just screw the connector onto the end of the rod; pop the tugging cap over the connector, then screw the strap clamp into the tugging cap. You can make tension adjustments to the rod, just as if you were not doing outer skin tugging.  It's fast it's easy and it's completely universal. No more hanging weights on your device to do outer skin tugging. With the strap kit tugging forces of up to 6 pounds are possible. The strap kit is designed to be used in any way your imagination can take it. And, if you have a KwikSkin, the strap kit integrates perfectly with all units, so you can walk around and let KwikSkin do its job while the strap stabilizes the KwikSkin. 

Senior integrates perfectly with any of our KwikSkin Dynamic Foreskin Restoration Systems. All KwikSkin systems work seamlessly with the Senior, and when used with the Maxi-Tug gripper ring, you will be astounded by the fast results.

Senior is priced at $109.00 USD + shipping---USA orders only