The GUARD Sophomore

This is the ideal restoring system for men on tight budgets, yet wants to get started in restoring.

Sophomore gives superior performance, and it surpasses the features of the comparable device costing $50.00 more.

Sophomore's exclusive infinitely adjustable tension, from low to its upper limits, lets you set the tension precisely where you want it. You are not locked into preset tensions using rubber bands, tapes, or other such tensioning systems. GUARD is the only system on the market with this exclusive feature.

Although high-tension tugging is not a feature of the Sophomore, its low price is quite attractive for men who want to restore, yet are hesitant about laying out money for higher priced devices. Sophomore's performance far outshines any low tension devices. 

Even though Sophomore is not designed for extremely high-tension tugging, semi-high tensions may be obtained, in part due to GUARD's exclusive variable pressure gripper plate system. The plate applies just the right amount of pressure to the silicone gripper that limits exessive slipping, even under higher tensions. 

Plus, Sophomore is fully upgradeable to a Junior or Senior.

Pticed at $44.00 USD + shipping