The GUARD Sophomore

This is the restoring system for men on tight budgets, yet who wants to get going in restoring. Sophomore offers more for your investment than many other restoring systems on the market.  

Sophomore offers superior restoration qualities and features, exceeding those of comparable devices costing far more.

Now Sophomore includes our exclusive Maxi-tig gripper ring, an enhancement not previously included with earlier Sophomore models. With the ring you can do high-tension tugging, and use any of our KwikSkin units, in all modes, to more quickly restore your foreskin.

Sophomore's exclusive infinitely adjustable tension, from zero to very high (and extreme tension with use of Maxi-tug gripper ring), lets you set the tension precisely where you want it. You are not locked into preset tensions using rubber bands, tapes, or other such tensioning systems. GUARD is the only system offering this feature.

A recommended activity, for every restoring man is retaining. Retaining means keeping the glans covered when not tugging, and this means all the time. But, this gets inconvenient during potty breaks, as some retaining systems are not potty break friendly. GUARD Sophomore may used to retain, and is also potty break friendly, without leaks and dribbles, and it is so comfortable you won't know you are even wearing it. The dome housing doubles as a retainer. Inside the dome housing is an indentation that accomodates the optional pusher pad silicone ring that rests against the glans, allowing 24/7 wear with zero discomfort, plus you are assured of leakproof potty breaks without removal.

Plus, Sophomore is fully upgradeable to a Junior or Senior.

Product Upgrade Notices:
As of July 7, 2017 all Sophomore's include an outer silicone gripper, a revised Maxi-tug gripper ring, and a revised rod collar. The rod collar now slides on the rod easily when the torquing screw is backed off. It also includes a padded silicone ring that replaces the previous gripper plate, and it sports a sleek new outer contour, resulting in a more pleasing appearance. The inclusion of the Maxi-tug gripper ring and the outer silicone gripper, now lets the user engage in high tension tugging sessions, just as our Junior and Senior models do. To offset the cost of these enhancements Sophomore is now priced at $59.00. 

 Send email to guard@restoring on discount pricing and securing the upgrade. 

Priced at $59.00 USD + $7.50 shipping----USA orders only