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My name is James, and I am the sole owner and operator of this site. Since 1994 when I first heard of foreskin restoration, I have been researching and studying the subject. After several years of study and analyzing the current market, I have designed a small selection of affordable restoring devices and adjunct parts for the DTR, which I consider to be one of the finest restoration devices available. My device offerings emulate the DTR, however, I have reduced the more complex machining operations, thus lowering the cost of the final device. I have also made minor tweaks to some of the dimensions, for what appears to add additional gripping power and longer wearing time.


My intent in offering theses devices is to help men add to their arsenal of methods that might enable them to restore at a faster pace, as well as offering men alternate systems to those already on the market. Foreskin restoration is a very serious undertaking for men who decide to improve their sex lives by gaining back what was taken away from them at birth without their consent.


 I have talked with men who have been restoring, and I personally have used various methods of restoring, some with progress, others with less than optimal progress and still some with no progress. The most discouraging aspect, that many men appear to share in common, is the process is excruciatingly slow, and indeed it can even get quite frustrating when progress almost seems to stop. I have used the DTR, and I believe it is a superior system, as it gets to the heart of what it takes to restore--a fair amount of tension over time. Other systems, although good, apply some tension but, my research indicates not enough. Most of them keep the foreskin in various states of traction, but also at the cost of time. Even using the DTR, my own progress slowed to nothing, and no matter how long I wore the DTR nothing more happened. I remodeled the DTR and increased tension capabilities, but still I experienced no visible rapid improvements. Then, through collaboration with another man, whom I had introduced to foreskin restoration, I found he restored his foreskin to full coverage, (no overhang yet) in less than a year. His secret was using extreme manual tension for about an hour a day, plus using a homemade device. This led me to looking into improvements on my own designs and eventually led to the development of an extreme tension adapter for the DTR and for my own version of the DTR. Judicious and dedicated application of extreme short burst tensions appear to speed up the restoration process that have led to some of the offerings at this site.


The application of extreme tension must be done at your own risk, and that results are never guaranteed. Some of the offerings below, when connected to the penis, are capable of producing very high skin tensions, and the user is warned to use caution when applying extreme tensions to the penis. Some discomfort results from the application of extreme tensions, and the user takes full responsibility for the use of all products offered at this site.


I want to mention a bit about my restoring history, that goes back to 1994. Below is one of the pioneer commercially available foreskin restoring devices from August 1994. It was called "Sensitip," The price tag was $39.95, and it took 6 weeks for delivery. It was an absolutely useless product, but came with an impressive 10-page manual. I heard about it on the nationally syndicated Dr. Dean Edell radio show in 1994. Dr. Edell was not commercializing the device, rather he made mention of it as a method to restore the male foreskin. Doctor Edell usually had good advice and there was no reason to not believe what he said about it. I followed through and ordered one. Nevertheless, compared to the devices of today, this thing was absolutely worthless. But all things must start somewhere, and this one started at the very bottom. After I applied it, I knew it was an abject failure, and it would not be possible to grow even one micro inch of new skin using a flimsy piece of cloth with two Velcro dots sewn to it.



So, I immediately took to the task of redesigning the product, but staying with the concept, since I didn't try to go beyond the accumulated knowledge that foreskin may be restored simply by holding what foreskin one has over the glans. My designs then, were merely heavier duty versions of the original Sensitip, and of course returned absolutely no results, even after wearing these things for weeks. Mine were made out of rubber, with good sized Velcro pads for securing the thing in place.


For many years I had failure after failure, because the concept was wrong. None of my devices put the skin under high tensions, Just bringing the skin over the head and holding it there, may work if the skin is young, or if you have the patience and many years to wait for results. However, as one ages, skin is less apt to grow at any significant rate to visibly produce results in the form of a foreskin. Viola, enter high tension tugging!


I have experimented with several systems, watched what other men were doing, and I either tried my versions of devices or emulated some of those on the market. Nevertheless, my conclusion is that high tension on the inside skin and with some tension the outside skin appears to greatly speed up the restoration process, and therefore, the offerings below are my renditions of what I believe will do the job faster, rather than only holding the inner skin under some minimal tension for extended periods..


Enjoy the site,




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Restoring Kits and Adapters






Variable Tension Collar Ring for the DTR (VTCR)

This part gives the DTR user the flexibility to adjust pusher plate tension over a wide range. DTR users currently have the option to set either a fixed tension or to choose one of the two variable rubber band tensions. This product is shipped with a large supply of #8 rubber bands, (not shown).


The photo shows how the VTCR attaches to the DTR to provide a wider and more controllable tension range using #8 rubber bands.


This collar is also an integral part of the Basic Restoring Kit (BRK) shown below.




Xtreme Tension Adapter Kit for the DTR (XTAD)

This adapter kit extends the DTR capability, giving the DTR user the option to apply incrementally increasing extreme tensions. The screw engagement and ultra hold gripper system fits the DTR allowing the user full flexibility over the tension settings. Adapter kit includes (1) 7" inch threaded nylon rod, (1) DTR thread engagement housing adapter, (1) standard ultra-grip silicone gripper, (1) large ultra-grip silicone gripper, and (1) twisting handle.

Lower Picture shows the adapter installed on a DTR. Note that the pusher plate does not screw onto the threaded rod, as the end of the rod is used as a bearing surface, and the pusher plate is put in place on the end of the rod and is held there during use. When ultra-grip grippers are used together, the tensions obtained can be incredibly high. The grippers can be used in any combination the user finds to produce the best comfort and grip. One complete turn of the twisting handle extends the push rod 0.050 inches.



Basic Restoring Kit (BRK)

This basic starting kit consists of (1) 6 inch pusher rod, (1) standard silicone gripper, (1) pusher plate, (1) gripper housing, (1) housing spindle, (1) variable tension collar ring, (1) fixed tension collar ring, and a large supply of #8 rubber bands. This system provides both fixed tension, and infinitely variable tension, (not capable of extreme tensions). Compatible with additional parts to form the Universal Restoring Kit below




Xtreme Tension Restoring Kit (XTRK)

This standalone restoring kit does everything  the BRK does with the added extreme tension feature. It consists of (1) gripper housing, (1) standard silicone gripper, (1) large ultra-grip silicone gripper, (1) 7 inch nylon threaded pusher rod, (1) pusher plate, (1) gripper housing, (1) twisting handle, (1) housing spindle, (1) variable tension collar ring, (1) offset threaded engagement collar, and a supply of #8 rubber  bands. This kit allows an infinite range of tensions from low to extreme. Compatible with additional parts to form the Universal Restoring Kit below




Universal Restoring Kit (URK)


This kit comprises a total universal restoring system. It has multiple modes of operation and is used in several  different ways depending on the method chosen. It is recommended that the modes of operation be changed often and that any particular mode/method is not used continually. There is no suggested method of wearing this system, and the user is advised to use whatever combination of parts provides the best results over time.



Xtreme Tension Adapter for Basic Restoring Kit (XTAB)

This adapter is similar to the Extreme Tension Adapter for the DTR, but fits the Basic Restoring Kit (BRK) described above. It consists of (1) standard ultra-grip silicone gripper, (1) large ultra-grip silicone gripper, (1) 7" threaded rod, (1) thread engagement collar, and (1) twisting handle.





Lower picture depicts the assembled system with the adapter kit. This kit, when installed on the BRK, is capable of extreme inner skin tensions., It should not be used for extended periods, but for short sessions of 5 to 15 minutes. Sessions may be repeated after brief periods of rest at low or no tension. Tension is increased by turning the twisting handle on the end of the threaded rod.



Gripper Kit (GK)

With this kit the user chooses the gripper, or combinations of grippers that work best. This kit contains (1) SG, (1) SUG, (1) LG, (1) LUG, (1) UHG





Outer Skin Tension Tugger (OSTT)

(used with either DTR or the Basic Restoring Kit, as below)


The OSTT offers an alternate way to apply tension in lieu of using weights, elastic leg straps, shoulder straps, and other methods for holding shaft tension. It is compatible with the DTR, and works with BRK shown below. It may be worn under clothing and during sleep. Sets any desired tugging tension with the sliding nylon Bar, thus providing the outer skin with just the right amount of tension. Manufactured from non-allergenic Nylon 6/6. The OSTT is comfortable to wear and can be worn for long periods without discomfort.




Outer Skin Tension Tugger with Gripper (OSTTG)

This system provides a method to grab skin and tug only the outer skin. This is the  perfect starter system for tightly cut men, as it will tug only the outer skin thus eventually allowing the use the BSR for tugging the inner skin. Best when used during sleep, or periods of inactivity.