Upgrades and Parts

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Retaining Collar

Upgrade to Sophomore

Holds the dome housing in place to keep the glans covered while not tugging. And it's bathroom break friendly.

Rod Collar

GUARD replacement part

Supplied on all GUARD kits, and offered as a replacement part.

DIY Cube-Supreme Upgrade Kit

DIY Upgrade to Cube-Lite

You need to be just a teeny bit handy technically to do this. This kit includes the readback display, the firmware chip and communicator module that you install. Parts plug in. No soldering. Less than 2 minutes to install.

Battery and Charger Kit

Spare power for your KWIKSKIN

Two Li-Ion batteries and a charger for that spare when you need it.  Euro adapter included. 

Factory Cube-Supreme Upgrade

Factory Installed Upgrade to Cube-Lite

A factory installed upgrade to the Cube-Lite. Return your Cube-Lite and we install and test the upgrade. Shipping included in price.

Replacement Strap

Universal Strap for all products

36 inch replacement strap and connection hardware for GUARD or KwikSkin.

Free shipping on all following items

Junior Upgrade Kit

Upgrades GUARD Sophomore to Junior

This Kit upgrades the Sophomore to perform high-tension tugging. This kit includes all parts to make a Sophomore a full Junior.

Senior Upgrade Kit

Upgrades GUARD Sophomore to Senior

This kit upgrades the Sophomore to Senior to perform high-tension tugging, plus outer skin tugging with the strap kit.


Pusher Pads

Soft silicone ring pads for GUARD pushers

Replacement pusher pads.
 Ass't colors
may be shipped in blue, black, or clear.

$6.00/set of 2

Gripper Plate

GUARD Gripper Plate

Replacement GUARD Gripper plate.

Padded pushers with bearings

GUARD Upgrade or Replacement

As replacements or an upgrades by adding the 11 mm Pusher to the Sophomore. Comes with cap, srews, silicone pad, bearings and screwdriver.
$10.00 ea.

Universal Strap Kit

GUARD or KwikSkin Upgrade

This strap kit integrates with all GUARD and KwikSkin units.  Use the strap kit to tug on the outer skin, or to stabilize a KwikSkin while moving about.

Free shipping on all following items

Maxi-Tug Gripper Kit

GUARD Sophomore upgrade or replacement

This Kit upgrades the Sophomore to high-tension tugging. If upgrading from the Sophomore you will also need to order the Outer Silicone Gripper.

PVC Rods

GUARD Upgrade or Replacement

Threaded PVC rods are sold individually by size.
Order each rod separately.

Dome Housing

GUARD  Replacement Part

Replacement Dome Housing. 


Two sizes of silicone grippers

As replacements or upgrades. Add the outer gripper to the Sophomore GUARD as an upgrade. Required if upgrading a Sophomore kit with the Maxi-Tug Gripper Kit.
$10.00 ea.

Li-Ion Battery

Battery Replacement

Replacement KwikSkin battery.

Spare Nylon Thumbscrew Kit

Replacements for lost or worn screws.
(Actual screw head design may vary)

Kit includes 4- 1/4 inch, and 3- 3/8 inch nylon thumbscrews.