Video Link Page

Welcome to the educational video index page for our GUARD and KwikSkin products. By clicking on the buttons into the videos, you will see the unique ways that GUARD and KwikSkin are used. These videos are graphic, and are for educational purposes only. If you are under 18 or are offended by graphic representations of male genitalia, then please click out of this page now. There is no porn here, so what you will see are some actual ways of how our products are used on a live person. These videos are not a comprehensive library of how-to-do-it, but rather shows a few of the basic ways the products may be used or installed for use. Due to the extreme versatility of GUARD and KwikSkin, the user will discover his own best ways of using and/or installing our products.

The demonstrating model is over 18, and he has been an actual user of the GUARD and KwikSkin systems for over a year.  He may appear uncut, however, that is only an illusion, as he is a dedicated restorer.

Please NOTE:
As of 5/25/2017 this video selection represents earlier versions of GUARD. The concepts for attachment are valid, however, the latest revised parts are not exactly as shown. Maxi-tug videos are for reference only, and Maxi-tug no longer is connected as the videos show, nor are the Maxi-tug parts as depicted. The Maxi-tug feature has been redesigned for faster, easier connect and disconnect. The strap kit has also been streamlined and now offers a much faster and more efficient connect and disconnect method. The retaining method is also redesigned to incorporate a faster and more dependable system, ensuring complete 24/7 comfort and an absolute leakproof simple attachment method. Some of these changes are the results of my testers comments and suggestions. New videos should be available by the end of June that will demonstrate the enhancements, and more videos will be added as they become available. 
KwikSkin videos are coming too. Keep checking back.